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What Happened To Motilium?

Ever wondered why you can’t but Motilium over the counter anymore?  Along with a range of old favourites that are no longer available.  Why and what can you do about it?

Pharmacies no longer stock Motilium and other products many relied upon that have disappeared without any warning.

Many people relied upon Motilium to help with stomach problems including bloating, heartburn and sickness.  It worked by blocking the chemical in the brain that caused vomiting and nausea and boosting contractions in the stomach.

You could buy it over the counter from pharmacies until September 2014 when it became prescription only because some research found the active ingredient domperidone was associated with a small risk of heart rhythm conditions.

It was felt the benefits outweighed the risks but patients should check their heart health before taking it so was made prescription only.

There is no longer a single product you can buy over the counter that works exactly like Motilium but you should try Gaviscon which is an antacid or Buscopan which is an antispasmodic.  You should also try peppermint oil such as Colpermin for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) type symptoms.

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